Wuji Ensemble

Au Yuen-ying
Guzheng / Ruan / Pipa

Au Yuen-ying started studying the guzheng and pipa at a young age, and recently graduated with a Bachelor degree from the Music Department of the Hong Kong Baptist University. Yuen-ying has received several awards in the categories of pipa and zheng solo performances at the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. She received the silver award in zheng solo group of the International Music and Arts Competition in 2006, and the “Student Recognition of Artistic Achievement Award” presented by the Hong Kong Catholic Diocesan Schools Council (Secondary School). In 2012, she won the Guangdong Zheng Competition (Professional Youths Group) Silver Award in the zheng solo section. As a music enthusiast, she has been invited to perform in Europe include Germany, Austria and Czech, as well as Japan, Taiwan and China as soloist, and has participated in international arts festivals and Chinese/western music cultural exchanges to promote Chinese music.