Wuji Ensemble

Solo Theatre
Artistic Director

Law Wing-fai (Solo Theatre) is a leading composer in Hong Kong, and one of the few to have crossed over the boundary between commercial music and the arts. He is currently a Composer-in-Residence at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and Artistic Director of Wuji Ensemble. Law graduated from the University of California with a Master’s degree in Music (Composition and Electronic Music). He worked closely with Hong Kong’s New Wave directors in films during the 1980’s, having scored for more than 20 films including the award-winning Boat People, Dream Lovers and A Simple Life. He was the founding Head of Composition of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, a position which he subsequently held for many years. During the 1990’s, he was a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University where he gave lectures and wrote music.  On returning to Hong Kong, he found a new angle in music composition, which resulted in many important works using Chinese-Western mixed instrumentation, the most representative of which are When Mountains Roar and Linli. He also founded Wuji Ensemble, a group that is known for its unique character.  In May 2008, the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra presented a critically acclaimed concert featuring Law’s works.

With a diverse oeuvre spanning serious and commercial music, Law has written for pop music, commercials, drama, opera and in particular, for over a dozen dance dramas such as Song of the Good Earth and Rouge.  His long list of accolades include the Irino Memorial Award presented at the Asian Composers’ League, the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Score, “Composer of the Year” by the Hong Kong Artists’ Guild, and being selected as one of the “Twentieth Century Masterpieces by Chinese Composers” by the Chinese Culture Promotion Society in Beijing.  Law’s score for the drama production The Peach Blossom Fan was awarded “Best Original Music” by the Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies.  Law was also a five-time winner of the CASH Golden Sail Music Award between 2001 and 2008, with his opera Dreaming Plum Blossoms Away, Flowing Fancies for pipa and Western orchestra, Feng Liu for Chinese plucked strings, A Thousand Sweeps for pipa and Chinese orchestra, and Flowing Phantasm for Chinese orchestra. In June 2013, Law was awarded the Xinyi Cup granted by the Chinese Nationalities Orchestra Society in Beijing for his pipa concerto A Thousand Sweeps.